Terms and Condition

 The Intellectual Property disclosure 

We will respect users contents, logos and other audio visual media materials and never post here without any permission. We never asked for the user information here and if anybody has to use the email and names in the blog for help and contacting us, their details will be protected by 977 Nepal and also the google.  The materials posted in this blog is the property of 977 Nepal and don't allow other users to use them without prior permissions.  All the property is protected by copyright laws of the country.

A Governing Law 
This blog will strictly follow the national governing law of our country Nepal. We don't guarantee the users terms and conditions to view this blog to view from another country. We also don't keep the information from which you operate this website from your browser and  mobile app. 

Protecting Your Child's Privacy

We do not verify the age of our Users nor do we have any liability for verifying a User's age. However this blog will be family friendly and no age restriction to view. Ads and other things might be inappropriate to some viewers and we don't be responsible for the affection caused by any external ads which are not in our control. 


All the external links and embed don't own by this website it self, if for making any unpublish and freeze of the link, contact the respect owner of the site. However, we will unpublish the any external links and embedded site if that should not be distributed. For this contact us from about section. 


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